Fare thee Well December and the Year MMXVII, let us Welcome MMXVIII

2 January, 2018

JanusJanuary, 2018, and the New Year and are just around the corner.   Good fortune to all in MMXVIII!

January is named after Janus (Ianuarius) the god of doorways, usually pictured as looking both forward and back.   We will revisit the themes of doorways, transport and travel for January what with moving into the New Year and all its possibilities.  As usual, if there is something on this theme you would like to see, let me know.

Looking back over December, 2017, we find a rather tame month but not without interest:


Four Fabulous Places visited on my Vacation, in the Washington DC and Virginia area.

New Magic Items:

Charitable Box, help the less fortunate.

Fire-Eating Moth, an elemental to protect you from elemental attacks.

Silver Bells of Winter, let the cheerful bells keep you warm and on your feet.

Snow Kettle, to provide warm drinks for cold nights.

Campaign Report:

PinkCat Running in the Shade – Episode 33 “Toy Story.


Dark Future Ahead 24 – News from the Net of a Cyberpunk Bent

History Resources for your Game [2]

2017 Monthly Recaps:

November, October, September, August, July, June, May, April, MarchFebruary and January.

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Notes: And this was suppose to go up yesterday.  Sorry for the delay.

Images of Janus found in Wikimedia Commons and are in the Public Domain

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