Tuesday Magic Item – Snow Kettle

5 December, 2017

Cup of tea?Voddick looked down the snow covered hillside.  “I have always liked the snow but not the cold.  Why can it not snow when it is warm and we could enjoy it?”

“Well, at least we have hot tea,” said Gollaon, shoveling snow into the kettle.

“I am so glad you found that,” said Voddick rubbing his hands together.  “It makes guard duty much more pleasant.”


Snow Kettle

These kettle are made of metal, usually copper, and are rarely decorated.  They are practical items and often show signs of hard use.

Filled with water, the kettle will quickly bring it to a boil.  It can do this once per hour.

However, if it is filled with snow or ice, it will melt it into water and then, once filled, bring it to a boil.  This it can do every quarter hour.  But tipped to pour, it can be used to endlessly convert ice or snow into (rather cold) water.

Aura faint evocation; CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 100; Weight 2 lbs
Construction Requirements
Create Wondrous Items, burning hands; Cost 50

For D&D 5E:

Wondrous item (kettle), common.

As above.

Notes: An item both wintry and a perfect gift for many so fufiling two of this month’s briefs.

Photo “copper kettle” by sammydavisdog is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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