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PinkCat: Running in the Shade “Rat Trap” (A different sort of SR campaign report)

11 October, 2017

To understand what is going on here, you had best read the first PinkCat: Running in the Shade post, but short summary, this is a campaign report for our Shadowrun campaign set in NorCal through the filter of a cartoon made by one of the team members.

Episode Thirty One: Rat Trap

Modern CafeteriaGuest Starring: BB and Double Up.

Pink and Glitter are in the cafeteria when a scream rings out from the school kitchen, they run it to see it overrun by debil rats (like devil rats but cuter).  The school wants to exterminate them but the Environment and Vegetarian Clubs want to save them.  Pink and Glitter volunteer to try and humanly capture them.  Cue increasingly Rube Goldberg-esque traps to capture the rats who become increasingly militant and the school janitor (Mr Carl, a off-kilter veteran ala Bill Murray’s character in Caddyshack) who gets involved wanting to exterminate the rats.   It ends with all the debil rats loaded up in a contained that is then dumped on an abandoned desert island.  Pink and Glitter end the episode in the school’s pool where they watch a debil rats in water wings swim by.

What really happened:

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Kickstarter – J E Shields Stock Art and Paper Minis (with Update)

11 October, 2017
Example art

Some of his work

The artist J.E . Shields (whose work I mentioned here) is having a Kickstarter for stock art and paper minis made from that stock art.  For $10 you can get the complete set of fifty paper minis while stock art packages start at $25 with a commercial license included!  You even get to suggest artwork (or get a guaranteed piece at the higher levels) that will be included.

And if the project raises its first $1,000 by Friday (less than $200 to go), James will add another five pieces of stock art to the collection at no extra cost!  UPDATE: This was met!  Next goal is $2,000 by end of Monday for five more extra illustrations.

So, if you are in need of stock art (like I am) or paper mini, consider signing up!  And please do so soon so we can get those extra five pieces of art.


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