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Tuesday Magic Item – Twilight Summoning Broach

3 October, 2017

Seen / Not Seen“That new summoner is exceedingly proficient but I do not like the creatures summoned they seem . . . off,” Voddick concluded he voice trailing off.

“Agreed,” said Gollaon.  “But oddly fascinating much like the summoner.”

“Well, as long as they are kept in line, I have no complaints.”

“Unlike that infernalist we served with in Olosk,” said Voddick.

“Well, I am sure he is regretting his choices now.  That group of imps that turned on him,”  Gollaon shuddered.

“Messy,” agreed Voddick.

Twilight Summoning Broach

These items are made of a gemstone with beautifully carved intaligo work carved into it usually set in silver, but the image on them changes occasionally though nothing else does (cracks, fittings, even dirt and dust) usually they show images of people but animals are almost as common with the occasional item or symbol.

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