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Elemental Candle for D&D 5E

14 September, 2017

Light the darknessVoddick set the lit match to the yellow flame and both went out.  “That is hard to get used to.”

“True,” agreed Gollaon, blinking after images from his sight.  “But useful.  How often are you going to drop a candle into a fire?”

“And even then you would still have light,” noted Voddick with a grin.

“Good point,” Gollaon grinned back.  “I think we should see about getting some of the others too.”

“Agreed, a candle that burns underwater seems most useful.”

Elemental Candle

Wondrous item, uncommon

These candles are made of purest materials imbued with raw elemental essence giving them unique properties.  Making them is tricky and requires considerable skill either as a alchemist or chandler as well as the ability to manipulate the elements.

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