July fades and August dawns

31 July, 2017

August (a month named after that most Roman of Romans Augustus Caesar) will be a month of personalities from the Sea of Stars (and possibly other places).  If there is someone -or something– in particular you would like to see, please communicate such with me.

I will be off to GenCon from the 13th-21at but page updates will continue during that time (if you are going to GenCon, see my con advice here).  If you have not commented before, your comments will have to wait to be approved (sorry).  Hope to catch up with some of you fine people there.

July, 2017, saw the following posts published on the journal:


Doomsdays and Dystopias of the Sea of Stars, contributing to this month’s RPG Blog Carnival.

Magic Items:

Banner of Authority, there is a reason they are hanging up all over the place in authoritarian regimes.

Citizenship Shield, defend your home.

Intelligencer’s Hive, be seeing you.

Have a variety of Magic Incense, three different types in fact.


Through Their Own Eyes: New Personality Features for Fantasy Races (for D&D 5E).


Dark Future Ahead 22, more news from the ‘net of a cyberpunk bent.

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