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Tuesday Magic Item – Banner of Authority

11 July, 2017

So many banners“I do not think I would mind seeing the Autocrat’s symbol everywhere if it was less . . . brutal,” finished Voddick as they walked down the main thoroughfare.

“I must agree, a crowned sword impaling a globe is hardly subtle,” said Gollaon idly flipping a coin.

“Subtle is not their strong suit here,” agreed Voddick.

“But I think they serve a more sinister purpose than simply showing the colors,” said Gollaon.  “I think they make one feel unsettled.”

“It is the banner causing that?  Not the armed men?”

“One reinforces the other.”

Banner of Authority

The banners are well made though often to identical designs, they are designed to showcase and display the authority of the state for which they were made and are usually produced in large numbers for such a state.  Individually, the effect of each banner is minor but combined they can prove very effective in maintaining the hold of an oppressive state.

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