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Visit D&D’s Known World!

24 May, 2017

A Grand DuchyWizards of the Coast have put up an amazing Known World bundle up at RPGNow, it includes the D&D Rules Cyclopedia (the compilation of the Basic, Expert, Companion, and Masters rules) as well as all 14 (!) Known World Gazetteers giving you an entire fantasy world to explore (and/or steal from).

Not only is the D&D Rules Cyclopedia an amazing resource for early D&D, the Known World is a delightful setting rich with ideas to use and borrow to make your game world more fun.  At it is priced at an amazingly good price of $15 for all this gaming goodness!  Get it now before WotC realizes that they are almost giving this product away.

Note the above link is an affiliate link and I will gain a small amount of money if you buy using it.

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