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Tuesday Magic Item – Secret Society Ring

2 May, 2017

Who are you?“The local nobles seem especially cliquish,” muttered Voddick over his mug of ale.

Gollaon nodded.  “More than just usual exclusion, I believe.  I suspect we are in a den of conspirators and not just one conspiracy but several,” he said in a quiet voice.

Voddick sighed.  “Idiots.  Open debate and honest disagreement produce a stronger polis than continually fragmenting conspiracies.  One day an outsider will come along and kick down the whole rotten house.”

“Agree, so we had best make our money quickly and move on.”

Secret Society Ring

These rings are defined entirely by their magic and rarely have any fixed appearance, they are made for expansive secret societies that for, whatever reason, have a far-flung membership and need a way to recognize each other that is more reliable than coded phrases.

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