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Tuesday Magic Item – Parthenogenesis Amulet

18 April, 2017

Athena Parthenos

Voddick studied the paintings along the hall.  “The styles change but the subjects are obviously related.  A strong bloodline.”

“Indeed, the line passes from mother to daughter and has for centuries, a Matron always rules here,” said  Gollaon, running a finger along the bottom of one of the frames.

“No fathers pictured, though.  Unimportant people?”

“Unneeded,” answered Gollaon.  “The ruling line is only mother and daughters.”

“How does that work?”

Parthenogenesis Amulet

These amulets are made of ivory and gold and often decorated in repeating motifs, always of the finest detailed craftsmanship.  The source of the original amulet is lost to the mists of time, but the Empress was so charmed when she rediscovered it that she had a hundred and one of them commissioned and distributed throughout the Imperium.

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