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Tuesday Magic Item – Naming Love Poem

4 April, 2017

PoemGollaon watched their charge from around the corner speaking to the one who had caught their eye, being careful not to be seen by either.

“Foolishness, it is,” quietly grumbled Voddick.  “We should have kept safely locked in the inn.  Where trouble would have to find us, not the other way around.”

“You have not a single romantic bone in your body, my friend,” replied Gollaon with a smile.  “Let young love run free.”

“As long as it does not run us into trouble, I will be happy.”

Naming Love Poem

This poem is a form of ritual magic, the poem itself has become so well known that it has acquired its own magic.  To activate its magic, the person who wishes to confess their love must copy the poem by hand or recite it in front of at least six witnesses.  They must either have a token of the person they wish to confess their love to, a lock of hair is preferred, or name them at the end of the poem.  The whole process cannot take less than two minutes and usually takes more, especially if the poem is being copied.

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