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Tuesday Magic Item – Heart of Battle

28 March, 2017

Victory!“Our new officer is quite the tactician,” said Voddick, carefully slotting new quarrels into his box of such.

“Agreed.  But it may not all be natural talent,” said Gollaon waxing a bow string.

“Ah, you noticed the amulet too,” grinned Voddick.

‘”Ha!  That’s right, your people use the same technique do they not?”

“Truth.  Once you have seen a shard of a crystallized heart, it sticks with you.”

Heart of Battle

These amulets are made from the fragment of a hero’s heart that has been magically turned to crystal after their death, some are just the shard on a chain, others set the crystal in precious metal decorated with other gems.  The crystal faintly glows and once it has been worn for a day and a night, it flickers in tune to the wearer’s heartbeat.

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