New Magic Item – Movable Feast Cloth

20 March, 2017

Eat, drink and be merry“Nice of them to share their feast with us,” said Voddick tucking into a drumstick.

“We did drive those brigands off,” said Gollaon after taking a sip of ale.

“Truth.  But still, mercenary vagabonds such as ourselves are not always welcome.”

“But we are stylish and well dressed mercenary vagabonds, welcome most everywhere.”

Movable Feast Cloth

These embroidered cloths are obviously made by skilled local crafters, they do not show the technical sophistication or consistence of guild-made works but the love and care of people doing something they love.  The decorative motif is usually tied to the local religious traditions and adored with representation of local produce and dishes.

Once a month, if it is spread out the cloth can create a feast for up to sixty-four people, the quality of the feast depends on the time of year it is summoned.  The feast around the Spring Equinox is the finest, with a vast variety of foods and drinks, carefully seasoned with herbs and local spices.  While the feast near the Autumn Equinox is plain, hearty and filling but unadorned.  The others are some mix of those extremes.

Those who consume the feast gain a +2 morale bonus to saves against fear and to resist fatigue or exhaustion, whether from work or magical effects, for the next twenty-four hours.

Aura faint conjuration; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 1,200; Weight 5 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, bless, bear’s endurance, create food and water; Cost 600

For D&D 5E:

Wondrous item, uncommon

First and second paragraph as above.

Those who consume the feast gain a advantage on saves against fear and to resist exhaustion, whether from work or magical effects, for the next twenty-four hours.

Notes: Something for the Equinox.  The fanciness of the good it produces runs in opposition to what should be available, at the Spring Equinox, the last of the stored foods are being used and new things are only just appearing, so fancy feast.  The harvest is around the Autumn Equinox, so all sorts of food is available and this provide simple foods to fuel the harvest work and little more.

Image is “Feast” by Barney Moss is licensed under CC BY 2.0


  1. I like this a lot, although it does require some form of timekeeping. Which is something I should be better at as a DM.

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