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Tuesday Magic Item – Message Runner’s Baton

7 March, 2017

In commandVoddick checked his crossbow and looked out across the field as the mists slowly burned away as the sun moved across the sky.

Gollaon idly counted arrows as the enemy ranks were revealed by the fleeing fog.  “Good sized army,” he said mildly.  “Glad we are holding ground rather than trying to take it.”

“It will still be rough if they choose to fight.”

“At least we have the better trained army and good communications,” he nodded to the runner, pointed with his baton.

“Discipline is all well and good,” agreed Voddick, “but I would not mind having a few more soldiers on our side as well.”


Message Runner’s Baton

These are made of hardy wood reinforced with metal, usually bronze or brass, and clearly marked with the symbols of the military that they were created for.  They are designed to be sturdy and distinctive but not flashy.

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