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Tuesday Magic Item – Manifesto of Unity

21 February, 2017

Rebels of the worlds unite!Voddick ducked back around the corner after discharging his crossbow.  “They are still coming and I am running out of bolts.”

Gollaon nodded grimly.  “Revolutionary organizations are rarely so disciplined.  Something more is at work here.”

“Could it be that document that they signed?”

“The Manifesto!  Of course!  That is the binding magic that I have been feeling.”

“Well, what do we do?” asked Voddick as he recocked his crossbow.

“Destroy the Manifesto or run.”

“Run it is!”

Manifesto of Unity

Crafted after hundreds, if not thousands of hours, of debate to distill a political philosophy and desire into  direct and understandable program, these manifesto are charged with potential energy that with the correct magical push can bind (some would say ensnare) the signers into a greater whole.

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