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Tuesday Magic Item – Scourge of the Vanities

7 February, 2017

All is vanityGollaon pulled his plain cloak tighter around him.  “We had best make our way away.”

“Agreed,” muttered Voddick having acquired a stout club.  “Such fanaticism is dangerous.”

The pair skirted the edges of the crowd who had gathered to listen to and be led by the priest who denounced and sought to destroy those physical items which -he claimed- made people weak to their desires and passions.  Mirrors, cosmetics, fine cloth, books and artwork were piled up and soon to be put to the torch to spare people from their temptations.

Once clear of the chanting crowds, Voddick shook his head.  “Such a waste.  Fine crafts are proof of people’s soul and creativity.”

“Some people want to force us all to walk the narrow and restricted paths they see as pure,” sighed Gollaon.  “And there is the gate ahead.  Let us leave them to their path and find a better one of our own.”

Scourge of the Vanities

These weapons are plain and practical, well made but with no decoration or fripperies to distract from their basic functionality as tools of destruction.  Usually they are hafted weapons such as an axe or mace but occasionally a pole arm or a plain sword is encountered.

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