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Thoughts on Rogue One

28 December, 2016

Rogue One posterFinally got to see Rogue One today, which was a little bittersweet following yesterday’s new of Carrie Fisher’s death.  May the Force be with you, always, Carrie.

Firstly, the spoiler free section: I found Rogue One highly engaging and it served as a solid bridge from the end of the prequel trilogy to the situation at the beginning of A New Hope (or Star Wars as I still think of it).  It definitely shades into war movie and is easily the darkest of all of the movies.

The special effects are magnificent and the action scenes flow nicely.  But action does dominate to the expense of character development, Jyn Erso (played by Felicity Jones) is the only one who gets close to a character arc.  Overall, the cast is solid and we see many cameos of characters from the earlier films, neatly folding Rogue One into its place in continuity.  If you are even a casual fan of the series, it is worth seeing.

Some more complex, and spoilish thoughts, follow:

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