October fades, November writes

31 October, 2016

Happy All Hallows Day and Eve all!  Enjoy costumes, food and whatever else one does on this lovely holiday!  Tomorrow is the beginning of November with All Saints Day, November is the ninth month of the Roman calendar, and -in the traditional Irish calendar- the start of Winter.   Tomorrow also sees the beginning of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which I will be using to spur me forward in finishing off the Sea of Stars Campaign Setting.

In light of that, and seeing no obvious theme to November I will just write about whatever inspires me.   I will keep up with the Tuesday magic items and whatever else I can fit.  However, if you have any requests, anything you would like to see or any theme you would like me to expand upon, please let me know and I will try to fit it in.

October, 2016, saw the following posts here:

New Magic Items (all for both Pathfinder and D&D5):

“Dogs of War” Potion, make your fighting animals tougher.

Four Cornered Flask, drink up!

Potency Boosting Syringe, injecting potions directly into your bloodstream, what could go wrong?

Puissant Warrior Potion, be the best you can be (restrictions apply).

Scorpion Stone, deliver a sting with your sling.

New Monster:

Alchemical ReAgent, why you should be careful how to dispose of alchemical wastes.

Campaign Reports:

Rokugan SRIU (L5R Campaign) Episode 10: To the North and Winter, Part 2 and Part 3.

Shadowrun, Anarchy and a New Seattle Scream (#51)


Dark Future Ahead 19 – News from the Net of a Cyberpunk Bent

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