Rokugan SRIU Episode 10 “To the North and Winter, Part 2” (L5R Campaign Report)

22 October, 2016

The SRIU unit pushes through the inclement weather, having outmaneuvered thieves and outfought an oni on their way to Kyuden Isawa.  The Tonbo suffers a serious wound in a ‘bandit’ ambush and is left behind in Kyuden Asako to recover   Our heroes finally arrive, cold on exhausted at Kyuden Isawa where the Imperial Magistrate, Togashi Shisõ, greets them and assigns a young Phoenix to act as their guide:

Asako Neko, a fiery Phoenix, outgoing, overconfident and convinced that she knows it all.  Almost started a blood fued between her branch of the family and one of the Isawa branches, under the wing of Togashi Shisõ until she can be redirected.  (Isawa Shugenja 1, played by L2 who is new to L5R but not Japanese culture.)

It is cold in northern Rokugan

Our heroes settle into life in Winter Court, being formally presented to Isawa Soh, “the Gentle Wave”, Master of Water and Hostess of the Court, who serene and beautiful, seemingly untouched by her sixty years of age.  They have time to partake of some of the pleasantries of court while helping with the search for potential bloodspeakers among the guests.  To that end the Shrine to the Fortune of Truth is set up in the library where it may be used to observe some of the guests without being too obvious.

Otomo Mariko, one of the Imperial Nakodo (matchmakers), makes time to meet with all of the characters to sound out their future plans and amiability to marriage much to the characters’ discomfort.

In the library, one of the minor Phoenix shugenja and functionaries, Isawa Nobuhide, is shown in the Mirror with bloody hands.  As he has an interest in origami, Hida Kenta tries to befriend him . . . with surprising success.  Nobuhide is one of those people who just cannot advance up the ladder of success as he just is not very proficient or likeable and he bitterly complains about his lack of promotion.

A few days later, Hida Kenta is on mirror duty while the Asako and the Otaku research jinni after the Unicorn had a nightmare about such, and he sees a red oni zip by in the mirror but not in the library.  A few minutes later he sees it again, noting that it seems angular, moving to place himself in the path it seems to be taking, he feel something like paper brush across his skin . . . through his clothing.  Managing not to panic, he slowly summons the rest of the SRIU and they try to locate the oni without results but as the library is warded, someone must have carried it through the wards.   Kenta thinks it is an origami oni.

While the investigation fails to turn up the oni, it does discover that a scroll on oni legends in missing and Asako Neko finds the rod hidden among her research notes and recalls that Nobuhide had stopped by while she was working.  At dinner she complains bitterly and loudly about the damage to the scroll.   Kenta continues to worm his way into Nobuhide’s confidence and has noted a peacock figure in the Phoenix’s possession that seems to watch him.

Neko drinks too much and is escorted back to her room by Bayushi Kaeru.  Arriving there, there is the corner of a scroll sticking out from under the futon, Kaeru moves to retrieve it and is attacked by warped little creatures with far too many legs and mouths. Between her dagger work and the fire summoned by Neko, they are dispatched with only minor wounds and the scroll is revealed as a crude maho scroll.

That is where we ended the session.  Part 3 can be found here.

Notes: M was not feeling well and so missed this session, thus the wounding and absence of the Tonbo.

The basic structure of the campaign here Rokugan SRIU.

Photo by Travis Rigel Lukas Hornung and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.



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