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New Magic Item – “Dogs of War” Potion (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

4 October, 2016

His bite is worse than his bark“Horses are bad enough, but bringing dogs to war,” Voddick shook his head as one of the hound masters and his charges passed by..

“Some think it is better to spend their blood than that of a soldier,” replied Gollaon

Voddick sighed.  “No doubt many a mother would agree.  Still it seems cruel . . . both to the beasties and our enemy.”

“Perhaps they will not fight and all these preparations will be in vain.”

“We can hope.”

“Dogs of War” Potion

More a stew than a traditional potion, choice organ meats are stewed with alchemical mixtures to produce a thick, and occasionally chunky, brew that is usable for up to a week after it has been made.

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