Tuesday Magic Item – Exile’s Sword

20 September, 2016

Exiled Prince“They say they are Syoutlandish but they all talk like Eosiante,” whispered Voddick to Gollaon.

“And their dress is more comic opera than practical but their gold is good,” replied Gollaon equally quietly.

“True but . . .”

“Let them have their myth, my friend, we will profit from it either way.”

Exile’s Sword

These swords are always made in a particular culture’s style, though not always by a swordsmith from that culture, and are often heavily -occasionally lavishly- decorated.  These weapons are made for exiles who are planning to return, or, at least, for their children to return and reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

They are +2 usurper bane swords, usurper being defined here as the power that exiled them and anyone who has seized their land or titles, that give the wielder +2 CMD against disarm and sunder maneuvers.

The sword provides a +4 competence bonus to Charisma-based skills with other exiles and opponents to the power that exiled them and to Intimidate checks against those same powers.  It provides the same bonus to Knowledge (geography) checks relating to the ancestral lands, though this information is locked to when the sword was created and may be outdated depending on how long it takes the exile to return home.

Aura strong enchantment and transmutation; CL 11th
Slot none; Price 36,500 + cost of the sword and decoration; Weight by sword
Construction Requirements
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, eagle’s splendor, fear, geas; Cost 18,250  + cost of the sword and decoration

Notes: Was reading about the Irish who served in the French, and other, militaries in the 16th-19th, which inspired this item.  Though the image is Scottish Jacobite.

Image from Wikimedia Commons (thanks to the National Library of Scotland) and is in the Pubic Domain.




  1. Reminds me somewhat of Kaiho-Sha.


    • I had entirely forgotten about that weapon! But I like magic items built around specific purposes, especially if they are likely to be at an angle to that of the characters.

      • Absolutely. I don’t want items that are at cross purposes (usually…), but items that are anchored in the setting and have connections to other entities are almost always more interesting and more fun to work with than generic ‘useful stuff’.

        As I say when explaining the entity template (http://www.kjd-imc.org/blog/entity-template-updated-and-explained/) I used when describing Kaiho-Sha, “an entity without links doesn’t really have a significant role in the campaign”. If I want a magic item to really shine, it needs to be connected to Other Stuff.

        • Agreed you want things that can serve as adventure hooks, if that is the path the players want to follow.

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