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Tuesday Magic Item – Deathspeaker’s Gorget (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

13 September, 2016

Through me, the dead speak“I am unsure if disturbing the dead is wise, even if it does have the information we need,” said Voddick watching the Deathspeaker work.

“Not my choice either, my friend,” answered Gollaon, “but we are not the one’s paying for the service.”

Voddick made a gesture to ward against evil.  “Still does not seem right.”

“Right or not, I just hope it works.”

Deathspeaker’s Gorget

These heavy gorgets are made of gold and decorated with runes and signets, and occasionally with holy symbols of the deities of dead.  They are always cold to the touch, never warming up from physica contact with the living.

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