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Tuesday Magic Item – Monarchomachs Blade

26 July, 2016

Sic Semper TyrannusGollaon leaned in to read the notice nailed to the courthouse door.  “Time to be leaving, my friend.”

“Civil war?” asked Voddick.

“Yes, it is a notice of abjuration, severing them from the authority of the king,” read Gollaon.

“He will not like that.  This will be getting decidedly uncivil once word reaches the royal garrison.”

“Thus, time to be on our way, such local conflicts never end well.”

Monarchomachs Blade

These swords are etched with faint words, so worn as to be almost unreadable, and usually show the signs of hard use.  The hilt is plain and the entire weapon is very utilitarian and practical.
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Where to Find me at Gencon 2016

26 July, 2016

At long last, I have my schedule for GenCon 2016.  I will be primarily working in the board game hall in the AEG section of said hall.  The list below is which game I will be teaching, so if you want to learn any of them drop by, we accept generic tickets if there is space.  After teaching, I may also have time to talk if you want to drop by 30-45 minutes after start but I do not have a good feel for this as I have not worked the board game hall before.

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