New Magic Item – Downfall Amulet (for D&D5)

6 July, 2016

Once a great city“These impressive ruins were once the capital of the Republic of Ruvina, but the ambitions of the powerful families placed them at odds with each other.  Eventually, the feuds grew so all consuming that the threat from outside was ignored,” the guide gestured to the now empty buildings.  “This was the result of such fratricidal conflicts.”

Downfall Amulet

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

These amulets are usually simple in design, but with one small flaw in their design, though made of the most precious of materials.

Until they are keyed to a particular wearer and a particular foe, they have little power, to be activated, it must be gripped tightly enough to draw blood (causing the wearer maximum hit point to drop by seven until they can get a long rest) while the holder looks at their foe and whispers, “I will be your downfall.”

From that point forward, the wearer must seek to oppose the foe’s every action, gaining advantage on any skill roll required to do so, with a +1 bonus if directly confronting their foe.  They gain advantage to saves against their foe’s actions and abilities and their foe’s attacks upon the wearer are made at disadvantage.

But they must oppose their foe at every turn, every opportunity, even just stepping aside from their foe’s goals causes anguish, and disadvantage on all skill rolls, until they return to opposition.  And if they willingly aid their foe -for whatever reasons- suffer a reduction of seven maximum hit points for each day they continue to do so.

Notes: What are you willing to do to crush your rival?  You can find the Pathfinder version here.

Photo by Jimmy Harris used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.



  1. ” ambitious of the powerful families placed they at odds with each other.”? I’m not certain what that should be…

    • Ambitions is what that should be and is corrected above. Thanks for spotting that.

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