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Tuesday Magic Item – Functionary’s Ring (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

28 June, 2016

To seal the agreement“I would rather face a cavalry charge than bureaucrats,” whispered Voddick.

“Understandable,” agreed Gollaon, shuffling forward with the queue.  “But this is one danger we must face.  Without that seal, we cannot use the Gate and without the gate . . .”

“Yodon’s thugs will catch up with us,” finished Voddick with a sigh.

“Come along, it is only paperwork and red tape.”

Functionary’s Ring

These rings vary from the functional to the ornate, depending on the rank of the person they were made for and the tastes of the organization it was created for.  Usually, they are of silver or harder alloys with the signet engraved into the metal, carved stone seals are rare but not unknown especially among the dwarves.  The magic of the ring is only set when it is given in a proper ceremony, which can be staged for those willing to put in the effort, and it is primarily focused on improving the efficiency of the wearer in their official role.

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