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Tuesday Magic Item – Stormdriver’s Cloak

14 June, 2016

A storm is comingGollaon made sure the cloak was fastened tightly. “Come on Voddick!”  He shouted and thunder echoed the pounding on the trap door they had used to reach the top of the tower.

“I do not like this plan,” Voddick replied struggling to secure the cloak amidst the wind and rain.

“Would you rather face the Eight Knights of Corioso again?” asked Gollaon climbing onto the parapet.

“Point taken,” grumbled Voddick stepping up beside him.

As the trap door shattered up, Gollaon and Voddick jumped off the tower and into the storm.

Stormdriver’s Cloak

These heavy cloaks are usually black or dark grey with silver clasps and, occasionally gold or silver embroidery.  They are made from material that has been waterproofed, such as waxed cotton or oiled leather and are sturdy and tough.

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