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Down in the Streets of Seattle (SR Campaign Report) and a new Seattle Scream

19 May, 2016

I have started a new section of my Seattle Shadowrun campaign, this time with characters starting at street level (i.e. poor and inexperienced) which is my favorite way to play Shadowrun.  It started as a one-shot for a friend who was back in town but we had so much fun that we are having our third game tonight.

Among our characters are: a Troll ex-boxer and shark mentored alchemist, an actor looking for his big break, a fashionista elf, a kitsune shaman, and a few others.  A very wacky and diverse group, quite different from any of our other teams and collections of characters.  They are strong on the magic side of things and weak on tech, the reverse of our other group (PinkCat’s NorCal team).

Wish me luck for tonight.

And enjoy the 50th(!) issue of Seattle Scream.

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