PinkCat: Running in the Shade “2 Dye 4” (A different sort of SR campaign report)

13 May, 2016

To understand what is going on here, you had best read the first PinkCat: Running in the Shade post, but short summary, this is a campaign report for our Shadowrun campaign set in NorCal through the filter of a cartoon made by one of the team members.

Episode Twenty One: 2 Dye 4

Bright!Guest Starring: DD and Double Up.

A new craze is spreading through Pink’s school, hair gel that makes your hair bio-luminescent!  But no one seems to know who makes it and it is only sold by shady rat who operate out of beat up vans.  Pink finds this suspicious and convinces the team to help her investigate.  Lots of sneaking about and following vans that mysteriously disappear but eventual they track the rats down to a secret lab lead by a chihuahua mastermind who is using the students as experimental subject for not-quite perfected cosmetics.  The team exposes the lab to the media forcing it to shut down but the mastermind escapes south.  And all of the kids who used the hair gel find that if causes their hair to fall out (which, in best cartoon fashion happens to all of them simultaneously).

What really happened:

The team is hired, by a new Johnson, to obtain a sample of a new hair dye that makes hair bio-luminescent . . . (Life imitates art or vice versa or something.)  It is produced by a midsized research focused company that specializes in creating products and then selling them on to bigger corporations.  Their research branch has competent but not excessive security.  After lots of scouting, hacking and research, we acquire and copied the keycards and got thumbprints of two of the interns, disguised BB and Double-Tap and sent them in with party stuff for one of the employees.  Schmoozed past the guard, decorated the cubical and then slipped into the research freezer and found that there were no samples of the product!  PinkCat remotely hacked the system and found they had to abandon the project as it was causing a toxic reaction in a not insignificant percentage of users, so they destroyed it.  The pair got out, we reported back to our employer along with images of the empty samples and the files detailing the abandonment of the project.  To our surprise, they pay us the full amount agreed on for success.  We go away happy but confused.

Notes: Though it did not get used in this episode, the team is getting a food truck to use as a mobile base for surveillance.  The food truck will also do drone deliveries of food, our delivery drone will just have an exceptionally nice sensor suite..

Previous Episode 20 Hellpuppies.  Next Episode: 22 Party Crashers

Photo by Spider.Dog and used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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