Tuesday Magic Item – Bank Note

10 May, 2016

Something like this“Paper money still strikes me as odd,” said Voddik flapping the note around.

“It is really the promise of proper money, actual specie, once we have completed our mission,” said Gollaon.  “But this is easier to carry,” he plucked the note from Voddicks grip and tucked it safely away.

“So, we had best get the job done.  I will feel happier with silver and gold weighing me down.”

Bank Note

These are printed and written on high grade paper, they come in matched pairs, one for the person set for the task.  Some use seals, others stamps and a very few require marks or signing in blood

They are contracts and their magic is triggered when the contract is completed.  The standard system is that the contractor gets one copy and the other is put at the bottom of a box with the agreed upon payment set on top.   When the contract is completed and counter signed, official sealed or whatever the agreed upon mechanism for acknowledging that.the contract was successfully finished.  When that condition is fulfilled, everything on the second contract (up to 2 pounds / .9 kg) is translocated to the first (which could be messy if it is not properly supported.

Aura moderate conjuration and enchantment; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 200; Weight
Construction Requirements
Scribe Scroll or Craft Wondrous Item, dimension door, lesser geas, creator must have 2 ranks in Profession (lawyer) or similar skill; Cost 100

Notes: Useful plot point or adventure seed (“All we need to do is complete this task and present this to the Chief Judge and we get the money”).

Photo of pound note by Augurkje – Own work, Public Domain.

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