Tuesday Magic Item – Venturers’ Indispensable Satchel

26 April, 2016

An unusual venturer“I am so glad we were able to acquire these satchels,” said Voddick chewing on a piece of bread.

“Well, we did save that enchanter life, thrice; we earned them,” said Gollaon.  “But I think you like them because you never go hungry as long as you have it.”

“Only one of its many wonderful features!” agreed Voddick.

Venturers’ Indispensable Satchel

These useful items come in a variety of styles made from an even wider variety of materials with decorations to match.  What is uniform about them is the high quality of the satchel, the surprising number of pouches and pockets and a compass rose embroidered or otherwise incorporated into the design.

Using folded space, similar to a bag of holding, the external pouches, in total can hold material of as much as four cubic feet (.11 cubic meters) in volume or 40 pounds (18kg) in weight.  The large central portion of the satchel contains up to eight cubic feet (.22 cubic meters) or 80 pounds (36kg) of material.  Even when filled the satchel always weighs only six pounds (2.72kg).  The bag dynamically reorganizes it contents, so when the owner reaches in for a particular item, that item is there.  Thus retrieving any specific item is a move action that does not provoke the attacks of opportunity that retrieving a stored item usually does.

Additionally, it creates any simple tool needed by its owner that weighs two and a half pounds (1.1kg) or less, these tools can only be used by the owner and fall to dust if left unattended for more than a few minutes.  Further it provides plain, though nutritious food for up to three people a day and functions as a healer’s kit for three uses, both these resources resetting each dawn.

Lastly, tracing the compass rose shows the owner true north.

Aura strong conjuration and transmutation; CL 11th
Slot – ; Price 15,000; Weight 6 lb
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, fabricate, locate object, secret chest; Cost 7,500

For D&D 5th Edition, powers as above:

Wondrous item, rare

Notes:  Wanted to get a magic item in among the A to Zing.

Image from the British Library and is in the Public Domain.


One comment

  1. Very nice item, and good tie in with your alphabet thingy. But I know that what you are really doing is creating items that you hope your characters in my games will eventually end up with. I know your tricks and manners!

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