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Rebels and Revolutionaries (A to Z Challenge, R)

21 April, 2016

To no one’s surprise, and certainly not that of the dragons, dragonrule is disliked by some and actively hated by a large minority of the people of the Sea of Stars.  There are no lack of people and organizations plotting to overthrow singular rulers to those seeking to destroy the entire system.  For the purpose of this discussion, rebels is the term that will be used for those seeking localized change and revolutions for those aiming to destroy the entire system.

Revolutionary AftermathRebels consist of everything from rival claimants to the throne to organized groups of disenfranchised people seeking to claim some sort of influence over their own lives and everything in between.  There focus is almost without exception within one state and seeking to change the ruler or the way the state is ruled.  Most dragon expect their proxies to deal with such threats to their rule with harsh measures and oppressive tactics, but some are more enlightened and would rather reach a compromise that minimizes destruction of property, even if some servants have to be sacrificed in the process.  But rebellions are a cyclic problem in most dragon-ruled states, generally less frequent the more devolved the power is in that state.

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