Quest, Draconic Coming of Age (A to Z Challenge, Q)

20 April, 2016

Marked by DragonsDragons are not coddling parents, they make a vague attempt to protect their children in the egg and as hatchlings, after that they are expected to at least contribute to their own defense.  Now, they are not heartless (well, most of them are not) and they see that their children are educated and trained, how efficiently and rigidly this in done depends on the draconic house involved.

For example House Hazsolai (“Diamond Lightning”) is ruled by the Matriarch Tainhaz who calls all of her offspring   Haza (“Little Lightning”) until they have done something worthy of gaining a name over.  Tainhaz has her children intensively trained and schooled until they venture (some might say, escape) into the wide world either on a task set by the Matriarch or on a task of their own choosing as long as it advances the power of the house.  Hazolai values commercial success as much, if not more, than martial power so opening new trade routes and improving a mine are success as would be destroying a pirate ship.

More traditionalist houses send their children on hunting parties against the last of the giants, the Sen’tek or other dangerous game to prove their status as apex predators.  The young dragons may be arrogant but they are not fools and they will prepare for such tasks but even that does not guaranteed success, after all, if it was not a challenge and a risk it would not prove anything would it?

While young dragons are notably reckless and poor judges of character, other members of their house will be keeping an eye on them.  To lose to a powerful foe in combat is one thing but to be taken advantage of, that is something else entirely.   The dragons look poorly upon those that would make them look like fools, so those planning to con a dragon -even a young one- had best be careful.

Notes: Potential adventure seeds as guides, minders or conspirators.

Photo by Brian Tomlinson and used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.



  1. Great post. It makes me wonder though, do dragons lay hard or soft shelled eggs?

    • I imagine them as usually hard-shelled, but nothing is universal among the dragons.

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