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Patrons, Draconic (A to Z Challenge P)

19 April, 2016

Dragons in the Sea of Stars are absurdly wealthy, highly intelligent, borderline obsessive and easily bored.  They want what they want and they want it right now and they are willing to exchange what (is to them) an insignificant amount of their fortune for those things.

The dragon lords usually deal with such tasks as they do with most things, they hand it off to subordinates, who hand it off to their subordinates until someone finally hires a group of venturers who hopefully succeed.  Those who succeed get bumped up the chain, as long as they continue to be successful, perhaps, one day they may even meet their ultimate employer . . . or maybe not.

Many people, even venturers, are leery of working for a dragon even indirectly . . . but the money is so good.  The jobs are weird and often excessively dangerous, especially when they drift across the desires of other dragons, but the reward for success are stunning, gold, gems, magic, or even more exotic valuables.

Such venturers are usually given one chance to take the money and run, but if they do not, their draconic employer will expect they to take on as task, no matter how absurd, from that point on.

Notes: Just some general thoughts for running games where characters get hired by dragons or agents of dragons.  To a real extent the Shadowrun dictum of “Never deal with a dragon” is just as valid in the Sea of Stars.


Royal Armouries for all!

19 April, 2016

The British Royal Armouries have placed their collection online!  It is a treasure trove of useful resources especially image of weapons and armor from the collections.

A gift from Japan

The collection of pole weapons is especially fun.

Photo of Sword (katana) (1370) by Masamitsu, Royal Armouries, no date, Photo, subject to Crown Copyright and used under the Non-Commercial Government Licence (U.K).

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