Ouroboros, Lost God of the Dragons (A to Z Challenge, O)

18 April, 2016

Beginning and EndThe dragons have almost entirely expunged the fact from their collective memory but they once had a god as well, one that was killed before the Gods War began.   At the time, it was blamed on the Heartrippers of the Sons of War, an extremely martial religious order dedicated to proving themselves through combat against the strongest foes in the world.

The body, sans heart, of the Dragon God was found by the Sage of the Emerald Way who had come to consult, the slain god was surrounded by the corpses of a dozen Heartrippers.  This intensified the conflict between the dragons, and the Heartrippers and other divine agents that sided with them.  Indeed, divine agents and the dragons engaged in scattered skirmishes that, in retrospect, could be seen as the opening salvos of the Gods War.  However much the death of the God of Dragons sparked the unification of the dragons against the gods, it simply does not figure into the draconic history and self-conception; the dragons have remade themselves as the masters of the world, embracing the philosophy of Dominae wholeheartedly acknowledging their ties to a god would only make them look weak.  Only a few, less than five, of the Draconic houses have any recognition or remembrance of this god in their family traditions and even then, only as a powerful ancestor.

The odd thing is, and this was remarked at the time by the small number of beings trying to keep the peace between the two sides, that whoever actually killed the Ouroboros was never identified.  None of the Heartripper sect ever parades his heart of claimed the kill, nor did anyone else.  The knowledge of the actual slayer of the god of dragons has surely been lost to the sands of time as  the world before the Sundering has been.

Notes: Oddly, it had only just occurred to me that they was a divine being that represented the dragons in some fashion.  Once that though had come along, it also seemed obvious that said god would have been slain before the Gods War.

Photo by Janericloebe found on Wikimedia commons and used under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.




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