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Numina (A to Z Challenge, N)

16 April, 2016

While the gods have been slain, except for the Sun and Moon, the essence of the divine, their numina remains.  Numina is the plural of numen which is the divine presence, a divine spirit especially one that occupies a place or thing.  The Great Wheel Temple calls this the God Spark and actively hunts the Sea of Stars for those remnants of the divine that have avoided the attention of the dragons . . . and treasure hunters . . . and the surviving faithful.

Despite the best efforts of the dragons, numina keeps seeping into the world causing spontaneous ascension and creation of small gods, belief in higher powers and the divine nature of the universe keep existing causing these eruptions.  The small gods thus created are then hidden away or, if not, killed by the dragons.  A small number of people who understand the esoteric pattern of the numina actively hunt for such spontaneous emerging godlings, trying to keep them away from the dragons, but most importantly to keep the dragons from realizing that the nature of the divine cannot be destroyed, only suppressed.

Thus do new cults and faith begin to build, but they must remain secretive and hidden to keep them safe from the dragons limiting their ability to grow and empower their young god.

Notes: This idea is in flux and all beyond the first paragraph may or may not become canon, I need to ponder it further.  But numina is such a nifty word that I wished to use it for N, but then I was not exactly I wanted it to go.

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