Monarchs of the Sea of Stars (A to Z Challenge, M)

15 April, 2016

Symbol of rulershipWhile there are many sorts of governments across the Sea of Stars, monarchies and their close kin (oligarchies and dictatorships) dominate for the simply reason that the dragons find them both controllable and understandable and of the two, the later may be the most important.

While the divine right of kings may not have been universal, since the Sundering, the draconic right of kings has firmly established with most royal bloodline having blood ties to their draconic overlords.  The dragons like continuity of bloodline and ties of blood are one of the few things they trust, though not completely it must be said.  Most of the royal bloodlines were intertwined this way in the first century of dragonrule when the dragons reveled in their new ability to take human form.  This added a further level of legitimacy to the royal lines and an implied level of support for the family and threat to any that would try to depose them.

Once these ties were made and traditions established, the greater part of the dragons were happy to withdraw and leave the boring minutia of governing to their relatives and descendants.  As long as they receive their due, the dragons are willing to let others rule in their stead, but they like to have a many hooks into the lands (and people) that they see as theirs just in case.

Royal and ruling families are usually proud of their draconic ties, which provide physical benefits in the form of enhanced health and lifespans as well as the political one, though it depends of how the dragons are perceived by their nation of how much they play up such ties in public.  Dictators and tyrants especially tend to embrace their dragon blood and draconic philosophy in their approach to rule.

Notes: I explained why we have knights and castles, two high fantasy tropes, in the Sea of Stars and here is the explanation for queens and kings all over the place.

Photo by Chris Brown and used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


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