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Jade, a magical material (A to Z Challenge, J)

12 April, 2016

There is power in jadeIn the Sea of Stars, jade is prized both for its beauty and for its innate magic.   That is it is easily treatable, either through magic or alchemy, to make it as hard as steel allows it to be shaped into weapons as well as hard-wearing jewelry and other useful objects.  Traditional alchemists especially prize tools and bowls shaped from magically hardened jade.

The most important property of weapons made from jade is their effectiveness against ghosts and other forms of returned dead, making jade weapons prized among ghost hunters and spirit slayers.

Jade is often worked into protective amulets, such as those against ghosts, but rarely into to armor though such is extremely effective at defeating the attack of unliving beings.

For those with the wealth to build such thing, Jade serves as a barrier that ghosts and other spirit beings cannot pass through and ghost cages and traps are usually made of this material.

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