Imperial Agents (A to Z Challenge I)

11 April, 2016

Usually spies, rarely assassinsThe Empress runs the Imperium with a minimum of staff and bureaucracy, she values efficiency over mass and quality over quantity, the fact that she can demand the service of any of the Draconic Houses and their assets as needed provided for the rare occasion when quantity* is needed.

But the Empress is always seeking talented and dedicated individuals to act as her eyes, ears and -rarely- talons across the Sea of Stars.  Her existing agents seek those who might also serve, setting them tasks and challenges to winnow out the less skilled and devoted.  Those that do well, from luck, skill or sheer bravado, are recruited into Imperial service.

But to become a full Imperial Agent, with all that entails, the Empress herself will set the prospective agent a task, invariable one with lethal consequences for failure.  Visse have infiltrated the Sen’tek, branches of the Moon Cult have be exposed, sorcerous conspiracies undone, and many potential agents have died failing in similar missions.  But those that succeed are granted access to specialized training and equipment almost unknown outside of the Imperial circle.

The most successful agents may even, eventually, retire from active and be ascended into the ranks of the dragonkine where they may train and advise the next generation of agents.

Notes:Yes, you could build a campaign around Double O agents of the Dragon Queen fighting dangerous elements with high magic gadgets.  Their numbers are very few and they are only used when required.  Their mere existence increases the worry and need for security among those that would seek to pull down the Empire.

*”Quantity has a quality all its own.” -possibly Stalin.

Image from The British Library where it has No known copyright restrictions.

One comment

  1. Hmmm, the Empress sounds like someone I know! 🙂 Enjoyed your post, especially the details. World building is in the details isn’t it?

    Best wishes,
    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016

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