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Dragonsteel, a Magical Material (A to Z Challenge, D)

5 April, 2016

Some many bladesMagical metals and alloys of metals have been known since well before the Sundering, Fae Bronze, Godforged metals, Meteoric Iron and other more obscure.  However, Dragonsteel emerged late in the pre-Sundering Era, passed from the Crafter of the Gods and his apprentice to the wonder-workers who followed his path and its knowledge quickly spread.

Dragonsteel is made of high quality steel alloyed with dragon blood and scales and, sometimes, dragon bone or teeth.  The usefulness of dragonsteel led to a run on available stockpiles of such materials and quickly led to the hunting of dragons to fuel the forges making this new wonder metal.  Scholars who study such things think that these expanded dragon hunts may have been one of the factors that pushed some of the wavering dragons into the Empress’ camp before the Gods War.

Now that dragons rule, they gift their favored smiths with blood, scales and occasionally other things to be used to feed the production of Dragonsteel making it one of the most common magical metals to be found.

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