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Axioms of the Sea of Stars (A to Z Challenge, A)

1 April, 2016

Lost in the Sea of StarsThese are the self-evident truths of the Sea of Stars, with some caveats and clarifications:

Dragons Rule All, true both de jure and de facto, but their rule is usually quite distant.  It is the rare dragon who want to wade through the day to day bureaucracy of actual rule of her lands.  So, such tasks get handed off to half-dragon scions or trusted agents or even just the rulers of the lands involved, as long as taxes are paid on time and whatever else the dragon ruler requires in provided in a timely fashion, the lands usually go about their day to day lives untroubled by their draconic master.

The Empress is All-Powerful, while the Empress is almost certainly the most powerful single dragon in the Sea of Stars, she is not omnipotent.  She is, however, excellent at long term planning and has access to vast resources so she is very difficult to catch unaware or unprepared.  The Empress should not be underestimated but she is not perfect nor invulnerable.

The Gods are Dead, mostly true, the Sun is alive, though a prisoner of the dragons, while his sister, the Moon, is free though hunted.  Some of the smallest and pettiest of gods may have avoided the draconic purges and found places to hide and there are always rumors that divines essence (called “God-Spark” by some) is still to be found in secret places.   But faith in the divine continues among covert religious communities and who know when a new divinity might emerge?

There are others but they are more obscure and setting the “ground rules” of the setting seems like a good place to start the A to Z Challenge.

Notes: Photo by Nick Kenrick and used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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