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Tuesday Magic Item – Martyr’s Spear

29 March, 2016

Once more, dear friends . . .The lead rebel fell, pierced by two crossbow bolts, but the young woman following him grabbed up his spear and urged the others forward.

“They have heart,” said Voddick, snapping a shot off at one of the opposing crossbowmen, “but will it be enough to balance out their lack of armament and training?”

“Well,” replied Gollaon drawing his sword, “it certainly will not be without our help.”

Voddick paused to recock his crossbow.  “Bravery in a good cause should be recognized after all.  Let’s go.”

Martyr’s Spear

These weapons are often rather crudely made, as they are often made by people who do not usually make weapons, but they are always well decorated with protective symbols, slogans and marks of the group that created it.

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