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Of Rifts and Ruins – A Petrichor Campaign Report

27 March, 2016

While our heroes decided what to do with the road builders, which was to follow the road to see where it began, the stone workers clustered around an unexpected obstruction.  A large irregularly shaped crystal, filled with flickering multicolored light, Elsbeth immediately desires it.  They decide to let the stone worker move it, which they try to do, but it cracks and spilling out (and up) is a crack in the fabric of the world, looking like a frozen black lightning bolt.  From which emerges a floating jellyfish-like creature, its surface looks like a soap bubble rippling with translucent rainbow colors.

Something like thisLorrend immediate prepares to engage this threat.  The stone workers back away as the tentacles of the floating creature wrap around on of them and then it pulls itself inside of the worker leaving acid scars on the exterior surface.  Lorrend tries to charge the transformed threat but Tulip, his warhorse, almost slips off the end of the road into the pit the crystal is in.  Pedr and Elsbeth unleash thundering sonic attacks which badly damage the possess worker and causes collateral damage to the other ones (who were still trying to get away).  Then two more of the floaters emerge from the rift.  It is a rough fight, with the possess working being destroyed and that floater killed before it can return back through the rift but the other two lay about with acid laced tentacles that cause disturbing visions.  Soon enough they are dispatched and collapse into pools of multi-hued acidic jelly before soaking into the ground.

While all this had been going on, Read the rest of this entry ?

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