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Tuesday Magic Item – Fire-Hearted Talisman

22 March, 2016

To keep you safeVoddick watched as the young warriors gripped their talismans and were wreathed in spectral flame.  As one they let out a mighty war cry and charged out to meet their enemies.

Voddick and Gollaon followed at a more sedate pace.  “Those amulets certainly are everything that was claimed.  I hope they remember their training in their rush to battle.”

Voddick snapped a shot with his crossbow and paused to reload.  “We did the best we could in the time allowed.  They are brave and inspired, that counts for quite a bit.”

“True, but I wish we could have given them better weapons and armor to back that enthusiasm up.”

Fire-Hearted Talisman

These talismans are made of expendable material, extra glass, pot shard, sacred bags, something simple and usually marked with religious and sometime patriotic symbols.

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