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Rokugan SRIU Episode 8 “Jaded Desires” (L5R Campaign Report)

14 March, 2016

Having solved their spirit problem, they hope, the unit is introduced to their newest member:

Mirumoto Daremo, trained as a Kitsuki investigator and who made a terrible mistake in judgement, executing an innocent man and now has devoted himself fully to the cause of justice.  (Kitsuki Investigator 1, played by J3.)

And are given their next mission: The Imperial road near the Lion-Crane border along the Three-Sides River have been suffering from inexplicable attrition and wear this season, it is almost as if it were being sabotaged.

The next morning they set out, with assigned horses, winding their way down the Imperial Road to their destination.  As they approach the way-station the report originated from, Three-Side Post Station, they encounter road crews out repairing the roads.  Stopping to investigate, it looks the stones making up the upper surface of the roads were taken and then the summer rains caused more damage as all of the sites are near small streams.

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