Of Caves and Cyclops – A Petrichor Campaign Report

11 February, 2016

Having defeated the wasp cultists and been asked for aid, our heroes dispatched Tomlin to inform the others of the task they are embarking upon and headed out on a rescue mission.  The rider, Sunbeam Swift, informed our heroes that the Gold Sword Company unit they were with had fought two cyclops and then been ambushed by a third, several of the company were dead and the others captured.

It is a long day’s travel to get to the camp of the company, which has been mostly trampled and looted, except for the largest tent which is still standing.  As Lorrend rides into the camp, the flap of the big tent is pulled open and a huge javelin is thrown at him, grazing the knight, who replied by charging in(to the tent!).  Lorrend uses his flail to take down the central pole, briefly trapping the attacker, who was a young cyclops.  Between magic and martial attacks, the cyclops soon flees but is ridden down and captured by Lorrend.  They bind the crying cyclops and head off to the cyclops cave.

Not overly welcomingArriving there, the captured cyclops bellowed for aid and another cyclops, who was using a stone and helmets to bowl looked up and ran back into the cave.  A minute of so later, the cyclops returned with an adult female cyclops, who is much larger than the one’s our heroes have been dealing with.  With swords, pantomime and shouting they manage to convey the idea of a trade, the young cyclops for the prisoners.  At least, that is what they tried to convey, the mother cyclops understood it as a one for one trade and returned with just one of the survivors, bound from neck to toe in rope, it is Tica, Ozcalla’s sister.  The exchange is made and the siblings are reunited (both heroic and cyclopsian).

There is some talk about just getting away but both Sunbeam and Tica stand firm in their desire to rescue their compatriots.  Tica says that the inside looks like it was once a forge long ago, complete with a large chimney and storage pits where the other three survivors are trapped.  After some discussion, a plan was made, Tica and Sunbeam would climb down the chimney and with the help of Ozcalla and Klaus, hoist the survivors out, while Pedr and Lorrend waited near to the cave mouth to cause a distraction as needed.

However, good communication is not prepared between the two groups and the warning from the rescue party is misinterpreted as a mission accomplished signal, so when the angry mother cyclops burst from the cavern, our heroes were slightly surprised.  Pedr was grazed by a thrown tree sized javelin and flees, Lorrend wheeled his mount around and moved to engage.  It was a close run thing with Lorrend’s combat skills and Pedr magic aided by missile fire from the others finally defeat the cyclops.

A rapid retreat before the cyclops children can pursue follows.  The rescued survivors were:

  • Besdan of the Gold Sword, company Captain, human ♂ fighter, broken right arm, missing left leg beneath the knee.
  • Ivirya Mistthorn, elven ♀Illusionist, concussed.
  • Delcemmer Ruby, blind dwarven ♂ cleric of the Sun, injured but not seriously.

They made their way back to Old Father Mastic to rejoin the rest of the party, resupply, heal and plan their next move.

Notes: Balancing scenarios for two players, even with NPCs to help them out, is difficult.  The cyclops had slightly below average luck on attack rolls but very poor luck on damage rolls, had it been different it could easily have been the end for Lorrend and Pedr.

Cave photo by jen robinson and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


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