Dark Future Ahead 14 – News from the ‘Net of a Cyberpunk bent

5 February, 2016

Tune in for the latest interesting and cyberpunk inspiring stories that I have found:

Did you know that cheese in one of the most stolen foods in the world?  Read about the high tech band of thieves who stole nearly one million dollars of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

What do you do when you are hired to acquire Red Mercury, the unobtainium of the post-Soviet world?

Ever wonder how the Predator drone came to be an armed weapon of war?  Apparently, it is all the fault of an Air Force special project team called Big Safari, read about it here.

And it seems that it takes a drone to catch a drone.  I expect that we will see more and more anti-drone tech in the coming years.

Putin’s Russia pursues propaganda and hybrid warfare against the West, lessons for a corporate state?

What visions of the coming dark future have you seen recently?



  1. The Predator drone history was fascinating.

    • I know. Amazing how things happen sometimes.

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