Petrichor Campaign Report – Of Wasps and Cults

22 January, 2016

Having claimed the tree (Old Father Masic) as their own, Johan and Elsbeth set about cleaning the place up and Johan sought to commune with the spirit of the tree and, hopefully, make its daughters less hostile.

Like this but largerLorrend, Pedr and three of the companions (Klaus, Ozcalla and Tomlin, Leaf stayed back at the tree) head out to map more of the local area.  The first half day of travels and mapping is uneventful.  Just after they set out again, a droning buzzing approaches through the trees, so revealed as a trio of giant wasps!  Who promptly set to attacking Pedr’s pony (now named ‘Snapdragon’) and stung it to near death before they were killed.  Tomlin and Ozcalla tended to the poor pony while the others set about trying to locate where they had come from.

Coming over a hill they saw a massive hive-like structure rising up from the ground, over which two giant wasps were flying, and a natural amphitheater where some sort of cultish ritual was going on, complete with a victim tied to a altar of baked mud.  Lorrend immediate charged down the hill on his mighty warhorse Tulip, promptly driving his lance through two of the cultists.  Klaus followed behind and for a brief moment both Lorrend and Tulip were mobbed by ineffectual cultists, the cultic priest summoned a wasp swarm from the sacrificial victim but they are quickly slain by magic and sword.

Like this but massive and embedded in the groundThe heroes turn their attention to the nest, spreading what oil they have over one section with the intention of setting it alight . . . but the inhabitants are not having that.  So the remaining cultists, and the demonic avatar they worship, pour out to slay our heroes.  The demon, a three meter tall humanoid with a wasp’s head and longs limbs with too many joints with a barbed spear, challenges Lorrend in a harsh and unknown tongue.  Lorrend charges in to engage the demonic foe.  Giant wasps dive on Pedr, who has called forth a skeleton to defend him (giant wasps are surprisingly ineffective against skeletons).  Klaus lays into cultists with his zweihander.  Tulip goes down before the barbed spear of the demon.  Two bloated cultists expel wasps swarms through their mouths and stagger after them to attack.  It is a close run thing, with Klaus going down to multiple wasp stings, but magic and martial prowess triumph in the end.  Klaus and Tulip are both saved.  The next is finally set ablaze and our heroes retire to a safe distance away to watch before rejoining their companions.

Tulip and Snapdragon are both very wobbly as they recover from wasp venom but able to walk the next morning.  Attracted by the plume of smoke, a rider appears, wearing a tabard of the Gold Sword Company.  They identify them self as Sunbeam Swift and is looking for aid for the Gold Sword Company that has been captured by a one-eyed giant (having already slain another).  Our heroes sent Tomlin back to get Elsbeth and Johan while they follow Swift back to help the Company.

And thus ended the session.

Notes: Both Johan and Elsbeth’s players bailed at the last minutes so I had to totally revise my plans for the game in the last hour beforehand.  So I stole the basics of the Grand Vespiary from Vacant Ritual Assembly 3 (which is proving to be a constant source of useful adventure seeds for this campaign).

Wasp photo by Richard Bartz found on Wikimedia Commons and used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.  Wasp nest photo by Jfbilodeau, found on Wikimedia Commons and used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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