Tuesday Magic Item – Gatebreaker Javelin

19 January, 2016

Aftermath of Gatebreker useVoddick shook black blood from the now pitted blade of his sword.  “If this expedition was not paying so well, I would be regretting joining it.”

Gollaon checked and adjusted his charms and talisman.  “Agreed.  Imperial service pays well for such specialized missions.”

“I could do without the endless swarms of demon though.”

“Well, that is the aim of the mission, to shut their doorway into our world.”

“Another reason to be glad we are here,” said Voddick readying his sword and shield.  “Here comes another wave!”

Gatebreaker Javelin

These weapons are made of two types of bone, one white and inscribed with runes in gold, the other black and inscribed in silver, the two joined and reinforced with dragon steel.  The white bone is warm and almost welcoming to the touch, while the black is either icy cold or burning hot.  To those who can sense such things, the javelin causes a wake among the dimensions.  It is, is fact, constructed from the bones of angels and demons bound together for a singular purpose.

The gatebreaker javelin is a +1 outsider bane javelin that ignores half (rounded down) of the target’s deflection bonus to armor class, additionally any target hit by the javelin must make a Will save (DC 20) or be effected by a dimensional anchor for one round for each point the save is failed by.  But these abilities are simply byproducts of its true purpose, closing gates.

Tossed (or placed) into an extra-dimensional gate, the javelin detonates and tears the gate apart in a burst of highly destructive -but very colorful- energy.  Anyone within 5′ of the javelin when it detonates is treated as it they had been struck by three rays from a prismatic spray (DC 25) while anyone within 60′ is struck by a single ray.

Aura strong conjuration; CL 17th
Slot none; Price 50,000; Weight 2 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, disintegrate, gate, mage’s disjunction, creator must have Knowledge (planes) at 10 ranks; Cost 25,000

Notes: Fairly expensive for what is, in essence, a one-use item but sometimes you just need to close a gate.  The Empress always has a few dozen on hand for her forces to use to seal dangerous portals.

Photo from the Brooklyn Museum and found on Wikimedia Commons, it is in the Public Domain.

One comment

  1. Hi Sean,

    Thank you for yet another contribution to the Gates & Portals Blog Carnival, being hosted by Tales of a GM.

    This is another great item, clearly filling a defensive need for fantasy campaigns. Fantastic idea.

    Many thanks for sharing

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