Campaign Report – Catching up with Petrichor (D&D5)

7 January, 2016

It has been a bit since my last report, we have played four sessions mostly fair short as they were either leading into the holidays or (like last night) getting back into the swing of things after the holidays.

We had new characters join the expedition:

  • Elsbeth Stormstrong, inheritor of the Stormcalled mantle (and ring), but until now has lived a sheltered and pampered life and really just wants to gather money and go back to the life she is accustomed to.  Her family has invested in the VWC and she was sent to “keep an eye” on it, though really she was sent to live a little and hopefully toughen up.  (Dwarven Tempest Cleric 3, played by B2.)
  • Johan Blutrotenhugel, proponent of Reformed Rational Druidism, explorer and naturalist (with a nifty shepherd’s axe).  Very much a many of culture and learning and slightly adrift in this wild (and rather violent) new land. (Human Druid 3, played by B1.)

The group, now bolstered by Elsbeth and taking Klaus, the two Wayists and Ozcalla, they set out to explore and, perhaps, find and rescue Ozcalla’s sister.

In the initial exploration they:

  • Encountered a tribe of centaurs and talked them into visiting the VWC compound and maybe becoming allies (or at least trading partners).
  • Found a ruined underground temple occupied by mercenaries/bandits who they initially fight but soon cut a deal with.
  • Explore said underground temple, which once belonged to a death cult, fight some liminal beings and recover some relics of a distant past, including a silver ceremonial mask.
  • The mercenaries take the heavy valuables, furniture and such, and head to the VWC compound to exchange it and possibly sign on.

Continuing on, they meet Johan -on the trail of an unusual cat- and:

  • Like this but biggerMeet Northstorm, apparently a sorcerer from one of the draconic houses, who seem trapped in a crisis of indecision and is wandering the clearing that he landed in.  He talks to them but refuses any help and they leave him pacing and debate courses of action.
  • Are attacked by a manticore, which flees and they hunt down and slay in its cave lair.  (This was the “usual cat” that Johan was following, he was very disappointed when it turned out to be a monster.)
  • Found themselves trapped in a maze made of thorns, with Klaus and Lorrend outside (as his player was away that night).
  • In the maze met Callimachus the Satyr who warned them about dangers ahead and was disappointed in their lack of wine.
  • Were attacked by sap-blooded daughters of the tree wielding macuahuitl (lined with flint rather than the traditional obsidian) who they quickly defeated, capturing one.
  • Visited the great father tree, which a strange cult had set up shop under.  They knocked out a cultist guard and ventured in.  Setting off a chain of events that lead to them killing the cult leader and releasing a shambling mound, which they later killed.

Left off with Lorrend rejoining the others at the tree.

The campaign is moving forward in fits and starts and everyone seems happy, but still getting a feel for how tough the characters are (which at 3rd level, is pretty tough).

For the map of under the tree, I used Kubicka’s Roots – The Polluted Tree by Dyson Logos which worked quite well.  The daughters of the tree are inspired by part of the adventure in Vacant Ritual Assembly 3 (reviewed here).

Notes: Tree photo by Ollios at Wikimedia Commons and used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.




  1. Good stuff! You should thumbnail Reformed Rational Druidism and how it differs from Druidism and (perhaps) Rational Druidism.

    • I will try and get the player to put down some of his thoughts.

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