Tuesday Magic Item – Assault Gate

6 January, 2016

Let us in“Hell’s bells,” cursed Voddick, ducking behind cover to recock his crossbow.  “I hate fighting flyers.”

Gollaon’s bow twanged.  “They are annoying and it will get worse if we cannot keep them away.”  He pointed with an arrow.   “See the group over there?  As soon as their fellows can keep us down long enough they will drop a temporary gateway to let their heavy mob in.

Voddick snapped a bolt into his crossbow and took another shot.  “Why not wait until dark and do it?”

“They need to be able to see it has landed properly, no one wants to leap blindly through a gateway to end up face first in the dirt.”

“I liked it better when we were not fighting Empire with flying troops and magical grates,” grumbled Voddick.

“Too late to whinge about it now.”

Assault Gate

These items consist of two pieces, an entrance consisting of a heavy solid frame, usually of brass, in the form of an archway and a exit, of lighter construction, usually steel also in the form of an archway that would just fit inside that of the entrance frame but occasionally as simple as two posts.

The exit must be placed firmly on solid ground, once this in done, the entrance can be activated creating a one way teleportational link to the exit (as long at they are within 1,000′ of each other).  Anyone passing through it is dazed the following round.

The link is inherently unstable, it is good for 2d10 people to use safely, each person after that must make a Will save (DC equal to the number of people who have already transited) to cross without incident.  If the save is failed, the exit gate collapses -the person who failed the save decides which side of it they are on- and the person takes 1 point of damage for each point they failed the save by.  On a natural one, the gate collapses into the unfortunate, causing 1d4 points of damage per point the save was failed by.

The entrance can be used once per day, requiring a new exit each time it is used, however each time it is used without a day between uses, the number of people who can transit safely is reduced by a cumulative one per time it is used without a day to reset.  If two exit gates are destroyed by natural one in succession, it triggers a harmonic resonance that destroys the entrance gate in a spectacular implosion doing 20d6 to anything withing 20′ (reflex save, DC 25, for half).

Aura strong conjuration (teleportation); CL 13th
Slot none; Price 50,000 (entrance), 3,000 (exit); Weight 350 lbs (entrance), 75 lbs (exit)
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, dimension door, teleport; Cost 25,000 (entrance), 1,500 (exit)

Notes: A gate for this month’s theme and Blog Carnival: Gates and Portals hosted by Tales of a GM.  It also just strikes me as the sort of thing that someone would build with the available “technology” of magic.

Photo by Naama ym and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.



  1. Hi Sean,

    Great idea. I love the tactical use of gates, which make assaulting a location so much easier.I totally want to use this in my campaign.

    Thanks for contributing to the January Blog Carnival.

    All the best

    • Be my guest.

      I always intent to contribute to the blog carnival, but sometime it does not happen. Luckily, our themes line up this month.

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